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Monday, July 2, 2007

Perfect Posies

I made another card, but am really tired so it's not that great :o( It is for my Secret Sister and I am disappointed in it but I really need to get her a card and it'll do until I feel better. I even rushed taking a photo, I hate feeling crappy.


creations by Denise said...

I like the card I hope you feel better soon.

Splashryan said...

Hi Monique, I hope you feel better soon! I think your card is very pretty. I loke the color combo! BTW-I'm tagging you! You have to reveal 7 things about yourself nobody knows. I can't wait to read!


Monique said...

Hi Tara,
7 things that nobody knows? Boy you got me on that one. What doesn't anyone know about me?

1. I play the violin and fiddle
2. I am a huge Harry Potter Fan
3. I love to sleep
4. I am the baby of the family
5. I have one brother
6. I am trying to adopt a baby from China
7. I suffer from social anxiety

Hows that?