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Saturday, May 9, 2009

So Sorry

Hi Ladies,
I am so sorry I have not been myself lately, I hope it's okay I tell you why. A few weeks ago I tried to end my life and am just trying to get through the days. My boyfriend of 10 years just broke up with me yesterday and I couldn't be more depressed. It seems everything that can go wrong has for me lately. I haven't touched anything in my craft corner for weeks and just forced myself to make a card for my secret sister on Splitcoaststampers. I feel very lost and I am having a really hard time coping. I haven't been myself for a while and making it through one hour is all I can think about right now. So I am so sorry I haven't been up to posting much.


Tonya said...

I wasn't going to reply to this - but I've changed my mind.

First off I am in no way attempting to hurt your feelings. Secondly, trying to end your life no matter the reason is stupid and selfish. My family went through a suicide this summer. My cousin took his life. I witnessed what it did to my family, how it ripped my Aunt's heart out and tore his siblings apart.

Taking your life is the most selfish act anyone can ever do. I would NEVER in my life wish to put my family or anyone through that kind of pain, the pain I saw this past summer.

Number one - I don't know your reason - but if it was over your boyfriend DUMB reason. No man, no human, NOTHING is worth attempting to take your own life. Not now, not ever. I highly suggest you seek help if you have not already.

Number two - my sister is currently in a psych unit at a hospital for threatening to take her life - over a boy!!! She is 16 years old! This is ripping my Mother apart, she can barely function, and every time I talk to her she is crying. I've dealt with 3 hour phone calls in the middle of the night for a week! We are going through what feels like hell just trying to save her. Why? Because we love her! Suicide destroys a matter what type or how close that family is.

Number three - I don't know your beliefs. I never attempt to push mine on anyone. But I hope, I pray that you know that there is a God and that he does love you. He created you for a purpose and I promise you it was not to do something as foolish as kill yourself.

I will pray for you, but I also pray you NEVER even THINK this again and that you live a purpose-filled lengthy life.



I know that it is very difficult to go threw a break up but, girl you just have to hold your head up high and move on with your life. You know I went through a similar situation and it led me right into the arms of Mr. Right;) Maybe your Mr. Right hasn't come along yet. You just be strong;) If you need to talk, you have a friend;) Gina

Ellie Jacobson said...


I'm a new sister of the SBS26 group and just was checking out the blogs and I found your post. How are you doing? I hope you are doing ok? Please have faith you will get through the darkness, ok? It does get better, better than you can ever imagine. I went through a divorce back in 2005 and I wanted my life to end because of it. I stopped all my crafts for a few years because of the sadness. It took about a year to truly get out of the darkness but because of the support of family and friends and looking inside myself (most important thing) I was able to climb out. I have since found a wonderful man who I have married and we now have 2 wonderful little boys.



Monique, I am just wondering if you are okay;) If you are still online, Please get back to me. Just for peace of mind;) I have been worried about you for a while and you are weighing heavy on my mind. So, please muster up the strength to at least say Hello;) Keep your head up^
your friend Gina

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