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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Finally a card . . .

I know it's been a while since I have posted anything creative and I am still having a bit of a drought right now, but I did manage to make this cute card. It might sound funny but I made it for a "fan" letter I mailed to Robert Pattinson, because he's such a sweet guy and I have a huge crush on him. Anyways, here is the card.

I am also going to post a little update for those who might have been reading my blog. I am doing okay, being followed by many doctors and my mood is getting a lot better. I am off one of my medications and doing well, so it's a good sign. I chopped all my hair off which was huge for me because I have always had long hair. I also decided that I wanted to go back to school to do something I have only ever dreamed of, acting. So I applied to Vancouver Film School thinking that I wouldn't even have a chance but I got accepted and so I start in January and am so happy I can't believe it. I have not felt this happy or excited since I was a little girl so I think that this is what I am meant to do. I want to be creative and be able to have a challenge in my career, and I am not being challenged as a clerk in a hospital so I am moving on to bigger and hopefully better things. So much has happened in such a little amount of time I hope the rest of the year is relatively calm compared to the past few months. I have also managed to lose 20 pounds and am happy about myself for that. I stopped eating "junk" food and stopped drinking pop, so now my treat is a pop once in a while. Thanks for looking!



melody said...

so glad to hear your feeling better ~ and wow *acting* and *loosing weight* ~ that's totally fabulous chickie!
i commend you!

and what a lovely card ~ i love that colored image ~ beautifully done


Cindy said...
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Traci said...

Beautiful card! That image is so cute! Congratulations on losing weight and starting to eat healthy! What a great accomplishment! WOW, acting. Sounds like a lot of fun! Congrats on your acceptance to school and good luck!

Glad you are feeling better
SBS 28


I was seriously worried about you. I am so happy that your spirits are up and that you are getting on with your life. You should be proud to be you;) How exciting!! Acting, wouldn't it be great if you could meet up with Robert in Hollywood or somewhere? My Daughter is such a Twilight Freak...Ugh!! She's read all 4 books at least 5 times so far. They were doing casting calls her in Fresno for one of the movies. I do believe it was the 3rd book. We missed it by days:(
Okay, I know I'm chatty, sorry;) Good Luck in January and you'll hear back from me soon;)

your new friend, GinaMarie

Anne said...

Hi Monique, so glad to hear you are feeling so much better! What great changes to make to your life, too, losing weight alone is such a confidence booster. And congrats on being accepted to school, best of luck with it!


Anne said...

Oh, and I forgot to say, I love your card, too, adorable image, great colours, lovely!